GlobalLimits Newsletter December 2018;[more]

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GlobalLimits Newsletter Sept 2018:[more]

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GlobalLimits Newsletter June 2018:      In this issue: Race Report - GlobalLimits Bhutan - The Last Secret 6th editionInterviews – GlobalLimits’ remarkable runners - Sarah Sawyer (UK) and Tommy Chen (Taiwan) Old...[more]

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Final Race Report - Bhutan

GlobalLimits Bhutan - The Last Secret 6th Edition last stage took place today which the runners ran 14,6km from the Drukyal Fortress to the Tiger’s Nest. They passed scenic valleys before reaching the foot of the Tiger’s Nest....[more]

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Race Report Stage 5 - Bhutan

Stage 5 was the longest stage - 54km through the Paro valley and a big step closer to our finishing line. Our runners had a split start with the top 18 runners starting at 7am and the others at 6am. They passed the Paro fortress,...[more]

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Race Report Stage 4 - Bhutan

After an afternoon of football with monks from the pajoding monastery, our runners started race day 4 (38km) running. They first passed the highest point of the race at 3712m run downhill to 2600m and up again until 3400m...[more]

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Race Report Stage 3 - Bhutan

The 29km course leads the runners to the scenic Thimphu Valley before a steep climb to the second checkpoint. Here the runners enjoyed a fantastic view down to the Royal Palace and the Government building. After a final ascend...[more]

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