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10.12.2019 04:33 Antiguedad: 50 days
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BREAKING NEWS - Final Race Report Cambodia 2019

The 8th edition of GlobalLimits Cambodia - The Ancient Khmer Path - finished at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat. After an evening of rest at a local school, our runners are ready for the last 16,6km stretch through the world renowned Angkor temple complex and arriving at the spectacular finish line of the Angkor Wat temple.

The male winner is Tommy Chen from Taiwan, second is Samuel Castela from Portugal and third Tomas Sundman from Denmark. Female winner is Ruth Viane from Belgium, second Sharon Harper from Great Britain and third Joyce Forier from the US.

The runners will celebrate the finish of their epic journey in a poolside banquet.  Please find the final results on: www.global-limits.com/the-ancient-khmer-path/race-update/results.html