The Course

Course is mainly on off-road tracks with partly sandy ground, gravel or forest soil. Only in very few cases will there be asphalted ground.

Depending on the amount of rainfall, parts of the track can be muddy. Do note that you may be required to cross some water holes.

The course is generally flat with a few ascents and descents

You will pass through numerous small villages during the race. Please do not take any food or beverage from the locals.

Locals generally travel with their motorbike on tracks. Please be alert.

Camp 1
Located approx. 100km northeast of Colombo in the religious temple at the ruins of Yapahuwa

Stage 1
35km, mainly flat, on well maintained trails before passing through an elephant corridor and a small hill

Camp 2
At the temple of Sasseruwa

Stage 2
36km, mainly flat, along canals and streams. Course includes one short climb in the jungle

Camp 3
In a local village

Stage 3
39km, mainly flat. Course includes a final 2km climb to the ruins of Ritigala mountains
Camp 4

At the ruins of Ritigala mountains

Stage 4
56 km, flat, passing some jungle trails and elephant corridors, mostly along canals and streams

Camp 5
In a local village

Stage 5
29km, first half is flat before the Kandalama Lake and jungle with a few climbs

Camp 6
At the Kandalama Lake

Stage 6
15km, first section is flat before entering the gate of Sigiriya Rock. Final 1860 steps up to the finish line on top of the world heritage site, the Sigiriya Rock