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05.06.2013 16:33 Age: 6 yrs
Category: Bhutan

Stage 4 - Race report

Todays 37km stage started at The Pajoding Monastery at 3600m altitude. Runners crossed the highest point of the week, the Pumula pass at 3724m before running 8km downhill through the forest to checkpoint 1. A long climb of 10km to the next pass of 3400m had to be run before rúnning downhill again, crossing some rice fields before entering the camp at a local farmhouse.

At the farmhouse all runners had the opportunity to use a tradional hot stone bath to relax.

First runner crossing the finish line was again Salva Calvo from Spain again followed by Manu Pastor and Swiss Stefan Sigron. Again leading women were jointly Sophie Power joined by Zenia Inselmann followed by American Charla Heimer.

Impressiv performance today from Chris Lewis from the UK, seriously injured at yesterdays football match against the young monks at Pajoding monastery, he started and finished the stage with real pain but in a good mood.

No changes today in th overall ranking, still in lead are both Spain runners Salva Calvo and Manu Pastor followed by Stephan Sigron. Womens overall leader are jointly Sophie Power and Zenia Inselmann followed By Charla Heimer.

Tomorrows stage is with 52km the longest of the week and will finish at the ruins of Drukyal Dzong.