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03.06.2013 19:21 Age: 6 yrs
Category: Bhutan

Stage 2 - Update

Todays stage 2 was designed with 28,7 km passing the Sinchula pass (3450m) followed by 9km downhill.

Leading man again was Spain Salva Calvo foolowed by Swiss Stefan Sigron and Spain Manu Pastor. Joined female winners of stage 2 were Sophie Power (GB), Zenia Inselmann (DK) and Charla heimer (USA) running the entire stage together.

All 36 runners have now finished the stage with Philipine Maria Theresa Villanueva finishing last after 14hrs but with an impressive good mood and motivation.

Tomorrows stage 3 will be 28km with a final 6km climb of 100m in altitude to the Pajoding monastery where the runners  stay overnight in the rooms of the young monks.