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30.05.2018 15:24 Age: 1 year
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Race Report Stage 4 - Bhutan

After an afternoon of football with monks from the pajoding monastery, our runners started race day 4 (38km) running. They first passed the highest point of the race at 3712m run downhill to 2600m and up again until 3400m where they have another descent to the Paro valley (and a good view of the Valley). They are staying in a local farm house where they also enjoy a reinvigorating traditional Bhutanese stone bath and prepare for the longest stage tomorrow.

Magdalena Paschke from Germany had an impressive day finishing at the 17th place after suffering from stomach upset in the last few days. Sigurdur Kiernan from Iceland have been giving an impressive performance staying at the top 8th place since the start.

Tommy Chen from Taiwan wins today’s race in 4:21hrs. Guillaume Degoulet from France follows and Alan Zaugy, also from France, takes the third place.

At the lady‘s side, Elisabet from Iceland again leads the race finishing at 4th place overall. Angela Zäh from Germany keeps the second place at the female side and Sarah Sawyer stays at the third place.

Tomorrow will be the long stage of 54km and hopefully the weather will be good for running tomorrow.