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Breaking News - Race Report Stage 5 - Bhutan

Stage 5 today was the longest stage of the race with 53,5km. Runners run around the Paro Valley, crossed various rice fields, ran around the Paro Fortress, and saw aircraft landing and taking off at the spectacular Paro airport. It was a sunny and warm day. All runners have successfully finished the stage in the courtyard of the Drukyal Dzong, a fortress ruin on top of a hill at 2500m altitude.

First male runners was again Argy Papathanasopoulos in 5:33hrs ahead of Peter Osterwalder in 6:00hrs and Alan Rees in 6:14hrs. First female runner was Véro Messina in 6:16 ahead of Véronique Chamberland in 6:44hrs and Julia Romanova in7:30hrs.

Incredible performance today from Danish runner Maria Elkaer-Hansen who finished 10th overall and jumped up the overall ranking by 8 places. Also a strong day from Louise Moran, Derek Kwik from Hongkong and Australian Evarne Rees who all finished far ahead of their previous rankings.

Tomorrows final stage of 14,5km brings the runners up to the most spectacular finish-line, The Tiger's Nest Monastery..