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13.09.2017 20:25 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Albania

Race Report Stage 4 - Albania

After sleeping under the starry night by the lake, the GlobalLimits Albania - The Hidden Treasure runners  are ready for another 38,4km running. They left the camp at 7am and run through the village of Lazarat before climbing up the 1340m high mountains and reach the top for a panoramic view of Corfu and the Ionian Sea. They then descent to the village of Delvine and climb through another mountain and reach the finishing line at the ancient monastery of Mesopotam. They will spend the evening here camping in the courtyard of the monastery and enjoy a cool dip in the nearby river.

Special mention is German runner Ingo Plehwe, who completed this stage ranking number 6. Daniel Meyes from Switzerland also recovered and had a strong day finishing this stage ranking number 5 today.
Overall leader Frank Johansen set an impressive pace today, running most of the stage with Belgium Frank Alderweireldt. Finally Frank won the stage 10mins ahead of Argy Papathanasopoulos and Kurt Alderweireldt.
In general ranking, Frank Johansen from Denmark extended his lead to Argy to 1o:38mins now. Kurt Alderweireldt stayed in 3rd place. The female category stayed the same with Leandra Kurtz from Switzerland in the first place, Cherry Chung from Hong Kong second and Christine Khinast from Austria stayed at third.

Tomorrow the runners will head towards the village of Murci bordering Greece.