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11.09.2018 20:11 Age: 1 year
Category: Albania

Race Report Stage 3 - Albania

After spending an evening with local villagers in the village of Peshtan, below the beautiful Zagoria Valley, the runners are ready for the 54.5km long stage of GlobalLimits Albania - The Hidden Treasure. The runners started by running up 800meter to the village of Limar. From there they ran towards the south of Albania, while enjoying the wonderful views of southern Albanian mountain valleys and arriving at la lake near Gijrokaster where they stay at a beautiful campsite tonight.

Xavi Marina from Spain took the victory again today in 5:58hrs ahead of Vincent Rivoire in 6:21hrs.
The third place goes again to Micheal Traub from the USA.
This is also still the overall ranking.

Incredible run from Sayuri Imanishi from Japan by winning the stage in 8:04hrs. Second today was Teresa Lam from HK in 8:38hrs. Coming from behind today and overtaking one by another and finishing third was Harri Washington from the UK.

In the female group, the ranking keeps changing with Sayuri Imanishi from Japan taking the first place overtaking Lena Maliqi from Kosovo, who suffered with muscle problems today. Teresa Lam returned to her second position and Lena Maliqi moved to the third place. There is still a close race among the ladies!

Despite the heat and the distance, Bett Camiade from Mexico gave an impressive performance today. Keep up!