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12.09.2017 23:06 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Albania

Race Report Stage 3 - Albania - The Hidden Treasure

After spending an evening with local villagers in the village of Peshtan, the runners are ready for the 54.5km long stage of GlobalLimits Albania - The Hidden Treasure. The top 30 runners started at 7am while the rest started at 6am. They have to climb up to the village of Limar at 800 meter. From there they climb further to 1100m arriving at the Zagoria valley passing numerous local villages and with wonderful views of southern Albanian mountain valleys.

There was a very close race between the top 2 males - with Argy Papathanasopoulo from Greece leading 5 seconds ahead of Frank Johansen from Denmark and well ahead of Kurt Alderweireldt.

In the female group, Swiss Leandra Kurtz set another impressive pace and winning the stage ahead of Hong Kong runner Cherry Chung follows and Austrian runner Christina Khinast.

Frank Johansen is still in overall lead with now just 1:07 mins ahead of Argy Papathanaspoulos and Kurt Alderweirelt.
Clear lead in the female category with Leandra Kurtz in front. Second now Cherrie Chung and third Christina Khinast.

Special mention is American runner George Chmiel who put up an impressive effort and finished at 14 th place today from yesterday's 44th place despite a seriously sprained ankle he caught at the first stage.

Pat Singh (Guayana/ Canada) commented that the scenery in this stage is breathtaking.

Tonight the runners stay in a campsite next to the lake.