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11.09.2017 17:38 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Albania

Race Report Stage 2 - Albania - The Hidden Treasure -

The second stage of GlobalLimits Albania - The Hidden Treasure started today 7am at the Village of Buzi. Special thanks to the local school of Buzi, which hosted the runners the evening before. The runners left the village and through the picturesque and windy mountain valley.
The top 5 runners again set an high speed from the start on. Finally the 30.6k stage was won by Greek Argy Papathanasopoulos in 3:10hrs just 4mins ahead of Danish runner Frank Johansen and Belgium Kurt Alderweireldt. Manu Pastor from Spain finished 4th on his birthday.
Another impressive win by Swiss Leandra Kurtz in the female category in 4:09. Second was today Cherrie Chung from Hongkong agead of Austrian Christina Khinast.
No changes in the overall top rankings, however, Frank Johansen is now jyst 1:12 mins ahead of Argy Papathanasopoulos. Looks as we will see a close fight for the top ranking on the next stages.
Strong race today from Gaetan Morizur from France finishing 10th and Juan Ricardo Ferrero from Argentina finishing 12th.
All runners have finished the stage and now enjoy the homestay with local families in the village if Peshtan.
Tomorrow is the longest stage with 55k guiding the runners through the Zagoria Valley.