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11.09.2019 18:47 Age: 132 days
Category: Albania

Breaking News - Race Report Stage 4 - Albania

After a night of good rest under the stars by the lake, GlobalLimits Albania - The Hidden Treasure runners are ready for another 38,4km running. They left the camp at 7am and run through the village of Lazarat before climbing up the 1340m high mountains and reach the top for a panoramic view of Corfu and the Ionian Sea. They then descent to the village of Delvine and climb through another mountain and reach the finishing line at the ancient monastery of Mesopotam. They will spend the evening by the famous monastery and enjoy a cool dip in the nearby river.

Impressive race by Alfred and Gezim Gaxhja from Albania today finishing the stage as 1st and overtaking the overall lead from American Ralph Crowley who finished 5th today behind Garmend Shehu and Dashimir Cali also from Albania. Ralph is overall 3rd now, 14mins behind the Gaxhja brothers.

As usual, Christina Khinast from Austria was first in the female category, today second was Lisenka Beenders from the Netherlands starting the race in an incredible pace. 3rd today was Belinda van der Riet from South Africa. Belinda is still in 2nd overall, but just 24mins ahead of Lisenka.

Special to mention today our youngster, Stéphanie Quadranti from France, who set a constant pace and finished the stage as 6th woman and Sandy Mouret from Canada/HK finished in an impressive 7th woman.

Tomorrow the runners will head towards the village of Murci – the finish line is getting closer! Follow us on this exciting rawww.facebook.com/ce at www.global-limits.com, Facebook GlobalLimitsSportMarketing/ and Instagram @globallimits_running