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02.12.2019 10:17 Age: 49 days
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BREAKING NEWS - Race Report - Stage 2 Cambodia

The Ancient Khmer Path continues after we waved goodbye to our local hosts. Todays second stage of 36km is both challenging and interesting - 24 km of flat running before the runners turn into the jungle that hosts the Preah Khan temple complex.It was breezy early in the morning but as the sun rises, the shades faded away adding more challenges to the race. At any way, our runners were undeterred and continued the competition.

In the male category, Tommy Chen from Taiwan wins this stage while the third of yesterday - Frank Johansen from Denmark is only 2 second behind and takes the second place. Samuel Castela from Portugal moves up to third today. In the female category, Samuel’s partner, Filipa, keeps her first place, while Joyce Forier from the USA, our birthday girl, finishes at the impressive second. Ruth Viane from Belgium finished in third position.

Special to mention today is Stefan Kapellen from Germany who finished the stage in an impressive 7th rank and Lynn Robinson who finished as 4th women.

The top 5 male are within 19mins in the overall ranking with Tommy Chen in lead, now second is Frank Johansen and third Peter Osterwalder.No change in the female overall ranking, with Ana Filipa in a comfortable lead ahead of Ruth Viane and Sharon Harper.
All runners have finished todays stage and are camping in front of the main facade of the beautiful Preah Khan temple and prepare for tomorrow‘s 62.6 km long stage.