Qualification criteria for GlobalLimits São Tomé

1.  Guaranteed place*:  All “GlobalLimits Heritage Site Runner” series award winners

2.  Guaranteed place*:  All runners that have not yet received the series award but have registered and paid the full entry fee for the missing race(s). However, only for races that takes place before December 2019.

3. Guaranteed place*: All runners that have successfully completed at least 3 GlobalLimits races in 3 different locations (Bhutan, Albania, Cambodia, Sri Lanka)

*Registration deadline for Guaranteed places: 01 August 2019. 

Places will be allocated subject to availability!

If the available places are not filled by the above mentioned runners by 01 August 2019, additional runners are qualified in the order of the number of participated races and different race locations.

The race is strictly limited to 50 runners!

All qualified runners will be informed by email!

Additional Qualifications: Due to the high demand for starting places for GlobalLimits São Tomé - The Hemisphere Crossing - we considered every possibilities to increase the intake of participants

After long discussions with the local authorities, camp side owners, our local partner, and airline, we managed to increase the number to a maximum of 60 now.


This would qualify runners who have successfully completed or registered for at least 2 GlobalLimits races in 2 different locations to register for the race.