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10.09.2019 22:00 Age: 92 days
Category: Albania

Breaking News - Race Report Stage 3 - Albania

As the wonderful weather follows us, the runners are bidding farewell to their local hosts and tackle the Zagoria valley and the 54.4km long stage today.

The runners started by running up 80m in altitude gain to the village of Limar. From there they ran towards the south of Albania, while enjoying the wonderful views of southern Albanian mountain valleys and arriving at a lake near the historical village of Gijrokaster - where they stay at a beautiful campsite at a lake tonight.

Overall leader Bryan Gensits fall between checkpoint 1 and 2 and got a heavy bruiseon his hip what made a proper running nearly impossible for him. However he still finished the stage in 9th by limping for almost 40km. However, he lost his overall lead and is now in 6th.
The joined win today went to the 2 Albanian brothers Alfred and Gezim Gaxhja. Both overtook Ralph Crowley at the last section of the race.

rall leader is now Ralph Crowley from the USA, 12mins ahead of the Gaxhja brothers.
Another strong race from overall female leader Christina Khinast from Austria winning the female category 43mins ahead of Belinda van der Riet from South Africa and Lisenka Beenders from the Netherlands.

In the female group, the ranking keeps changing Christina Khinast still in clear lead and Belinda van der Riet in 2nd. 3rd now is Lisenka Beenders.

Despite the heat and the distance, Karen Wei from HK and Helen Woods from UK gave an impressive performance today finishing 12th and 13th.

Tomorrows 4th stage of 38km leads the runners to to the Monastery ruin of Mesopotam.