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30.11.2017 13:14 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Cambodia

Race Report Stage 5 - Cambodia

After resting by the flowing river of the Kulen Waterfalls, our runners started the second last stage with a gradual downhillhill run with refreshing panoramic view of the Siem Reap province. After running through paddy fields, jungles and local villages, they finally arrived at camp 5, a local school.

Everyone in the race did very well today as the last runner arrived by 1830. The ranking in the male and female category remains the same with Xavi Marina from Spain. Micheal Traub from the US keeps his second place followed by xxStan Lee from Canada. In the female category, Isabelle Sauve from Canada, stayed strong and finished as the top female runner. Incredible performance today by Mria Rotger from Spain who finished 6th overall and second female ahead of Teresa Lam from Hongkong. However, Teresa keeps her seconf overall female position ahead of Maria.

Special to mention today is South African Belinda van der Riet who had a strong day and finished 13th overall.

Stay tune for the final stage tomorrow when runners will run through Angkor temples and finish the race inside the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Angkor Wat temple.