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30.11.2017 13:11 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Cambodia

Race Report Stage 4 - Cambodia

After a streneous and muddy long stage and a relatively short rest in the Prasat Beng Mealea Temple, our runners are on their way again for the 29,7 km stage moving towords the renowned Kulen Waterfall where King Javyavaman declares himself "King of the King" in the 11st century.

Today our runners are the kings. After this stage, they soak themselves in the soothing river water and enjoy the magnificent view of the waterfalls. Xavi Marina from Spain, continues his quest to becoming the champion male of the race and stayed at the first place, finishing at 2:45hrs. Michael Traub follows and finished at 3:16hrs. Stan Lee from Canada keeps his third position.

In the female category, the ranking remains the same in the last three stages with Isabelle Sauve from Canada in the first place (and she is the second overall); Teresa Lam from HK in the second with Maria Rotger from Spain at the third place.

Tomorrow is a 44,5km stage moving a big step closer to our finishing line in Angkor Wat!