Mayra Johnson/Brazil: This was another great race organized by Global Limits. Thank you Stefan not only for the amazing organization but also for the care. It was great to see some old friends and make new ones and I'm very grateful that the Gods of tent/roommates have again been extremely generous with me.

David Williams/Australia: Thank you so such lovely memories! It was such a wonderful week and one I will long look back on fondly.

Linda Sanders (race medical)/USA: Congratulations on very successful week!. You run a very tight ship and clearly it pays off with a safe, fun week for everybody. I think it's obvious that the runners and the staff enjoyed the race. While racing in Cambodia presents some unique challenges.) I appreciate your ability to diffuse them without fail along the course. 

Ryan Paterson (race medical)/USA: Thank you for the opportunity to work with Global Limits. It was such a good experience. You organize a wonderful race. I was impressed. Hope to work with you all again soon.

Mark Roe/UK:  I just wanted to say what a fantastic time I had at the Ancient Khmer Path: again a terrifically well organised event and I'm delighted to have finished it.

Patrick Singh/Guyana:  I would highly recommend GlobalLimits Bhutan & Sri Lanka & Cambodia. These are the best organized races I have participated in.

Dan Brenden/USA You paid attention to the very details--such as

arranging a different way to pick up the temple passes than the way

we would run--you consistently asked individual runners how they

were doing and caring for them. You are a prefessional and have

proven to me I can be confident and would be pleased in any run you

direct. It was a real honor being able to run with you and your group- 

professionals yes but even more so just good people-

Thank you again Stefan .

Your performance was even more impressive than that of all us runners.

I truly hope to run with you again.


Clementine Tanguide/France: Thank you for making this running challenge.,Memorable in every way.
The marking was perfect; the camp sites very well chosen; the team of volunteers, medics and the local crew professional and friendly; the organization absolutely faultless. Every issue was handled in the best
possible way. I have done a few races and I have volunteered at many
more, but never had I seen an event go this smoothly. It has been a
privilege and pleasure to share this journey with you, your team and
the group and I am grateful for being given the opportunity. Thank

Jeremy Joslin/USA -Medical Director:
You put on the best race I've ever attended. Seriously.

Georgina Ayre/Great Britain

An Ode to Stefan.......

A runner in body, an organiser in mind,
A better race Director it would be hard to find.
Despite lost luggage and body exposure,
You kept your cool, your calm, your utter composure.

And so to Chuck, our amazing course layer,
Tonight you have the name of running leg slayer.
Jungle paths and deep sand couldn't break our will,
But you had the last laugh with that killer hill.

Next comes the team of amazing medics,
With you I will share my bottle of Hendricks.
Irregular bowl movement and irregular leaches,
Your medical skills know no reaches.

And last but not least the team of volunteers,
You helped us overcome our challenges and fears.

So from all of the runners, the wanna be whippets,
A great big thank you to Team Global Limits

Raj Malik (India): Now that we are back to the grind, I must say, we are immensely pleased to have participated in your event and it gave us a lot.

Kenneth Baker (USA): Cambodia was AMAZING! Stefan Betzelt is a remarkable organizer.

Derek Kwik (Hongkong): Cambodia 2012 was a well managed event. Best camp sites ever! Well done Stefan. I have participated in 12 world class ultra-endurance events and this was my ONLY race where the course was excellently marked - both day and night. Excellent job Chuck.

Karim Mosta (France): I keep very good memories of this raid atmosphere with competitors and the people of this country a welcoming smile and I promise to return with my wife.
Good raid, and good organization is advised to stiff me.

Manu Pastor (Spain): The only thing I remenber already is what a life changing experience I had with a bunch of fantastic characters from all walks of life who opened my eyes and made me a happier person today than I was before the trip. Thank-you. You all did an amazing job. Fantastic adventure.

Cheryl Bihag (Philippines): I gained so much great experience, new family and friends. Thank you to all. That has been an amazing experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.
I will always remember the line of Stefan Betzelt (the Race Director of Global Limits with a big heart) when he said, 'at the end of the day, life is more than just about running'. I am concern about the health and safety of each and every runner. Those words touched not just my heart but up to my soul. I never felt left out on all the days on the entire adventure.

Stefan Sigron (Switzerland): Its done. my hardest ever. but also the most beautiful ever.

Chuck Walker (course director) (USA): You sir were simply amazing! Your demeanor in the field during the event and all of the crises was very measured and calm.
This was a massive help to me... it let me concentrate on the course, marking, and most importantly coaxing the course team along.

Fabien Debaucheron (France): Thank you to have given me the possibility to run this awesome toughest race, I've never done in my life.

Valerie Levai (France): I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated the quality and the flexibility of your organisation. The way you had to apply the rules in order to make it more comfortable for us was very nice. I wanted to congratulate you for the choise of the steps of the race. They are all very interesting and the arrival at Angkor Wat will remain unforgettable.

Joe Kelbel (Germany): Wenn Stefan einen Lauf zum Mars veranstaltet, dann bin ich dabei, erst mal nächstes Jahr in Bhutan. Er hat den Mund sehr voll genommen aber er hat geliefert. Soll erst mal jemand nachmachen, Deine Organisation.  Danke Stefan!

Wolfgang Seifert (Germany): Seit meinem ersten Marathon 1984 habe ich ja schon viel gesehen, aber was ich In Kambodscha erlebt habe, war einmalig, sensationell und nicht zu überbieten. Eine Organisation, die nie und keinem Punkt zu wünschen übrig ließ. So leid es mir tut, ich habe kene Verbesserungsvorschläge. Und das ist auch selten.