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01.06.2018 18:13 Age: 1 year
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Final Race Report - Bhutan

GlobalLimits Bhutan - The Last Secret 6th Edition last stage took place today which the runners ran 14,6km from the Drukyal Fortress to the Tiger’s Nest. They passed scenic valleys before reaching the foot of the Tiger’s Nest.

The first arrival is French runner Alan Zagury who set the course record of 1:51 hrs racing up to the holy temple.

The final result: Tommy Chen from Taiwan became the male champion of the race, Guillaume Degolet from France is the second male while Alan Zagury, also from France is the third. Both Tommy and Alan are first time GlobalLimits runners while Guillaume has already finished two other GlobalLImits races in Cambodia and Albania, which means that he is also a receiver of the GlobalLimits Heritage Site Series Runners Award.

In the lady's group, Elisabet Margeirsdottir from Iceland is the female champion. Angela Zäh from Germany, takes the second place and becomes the first German runner on the podium of GlobalLimits. Sarah Sawyer from The UK took the third place.

Special congratulations to Mayra Johnson from Brazil, who successfully completed three GlobalLimits races and received the GlobalLimits Heritage Site Runners Series Award.

The race is concluded with the award ceremony at one of the world’s unique hotel - the traditionally constructed Bhutanese Zhiwa Ling Hotel at the foot of the Tiger's Nest Monastery. The Guest of Honour is the former Chief Justice of Bhutan, His Excellency Mr Sonam Tobgye.  He has again shared his insights of the Consitutions of Bhutan with us.

**Special thanks to all volunteers, doctors, course markers and the course director for their excellent supports and works.