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Breaking News - Race Report Stage 4 - Bhutan

After bidding farewell to the monks of the Pajoding Monastery, GlobalLimits' runners started another challenging race day of 38km.
They ran to the highest point in the race at 3712m and ran downhill to 2600m. They started running downhill after climbing up again to 3400m, where they enjoyed a good panoramic view of the Paro valley. Their goal is a traditional Bhutanese farmhouse hiding at the paddy field.
They will staying in a local farm house where they also enjoy a reinvigorating traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath and prepare for the longest stage tomorrow.

Lisenka Beenders from the Netherlands quoted that today is a fabulous day especially the jungle section from the start. Indeed, she has impressive performance finishing the stage as 4th woman.

Stage 4 went again to Xavi Marina from Spain in 4:23 ahead of American Joel Anderson in 4:27 and Frank Johansen from Denmark in 4:42 who now overtook the 3rd rank overall behind Xavi and Joel.

Once again the female winner was Bhutanese 23year old Chimi Dema in 6:32 ahead of South African Belinda van der Riet and American Kelly Ridgway-Smith. No change in the overall ranking with Chimi Dema clearly leading. Second is still Kelly but Belinda is now just 19min behind.

Strong day today for Canadian Arun Dogra, who finished this stage on his birthday as 12th man. At the start the monks of Phajoding monastery already sang Happy Birthday and at the finish a birthday cake waited for him.

Tomorrow will be the long stage of 54km and hopefully the weather will be good for running tomorrow as it was today.