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03.06.2017 07:29 Age: 3 yrs
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Breaking News - Race Report Stage 4 - Bhutan

After an afternoon of football with monks from the pajoding monastery and sleep with the sound of gentle rain, our runners started race day 4 (38km)running in light shower and muddy trail. They first passed the highest point of the race at 3712m run downhill to 2600m and up again until 3200m where they have another descent to the Paro valley. They are staying in a local farm house where they also enjoy a reinvigorating traditional Bhutanese stone bath and prepare for the longest stage tomorrow.

Kurt Alderweireldt from Belgium once again finished first in 4:37hrs ahead of Michael Traub and Loz Wong.followed by mike xxx from the USA. Loz Wong from HK.
Impressive performance today by Irish runner Ruthann Sheahan finishing first in 5:29hrs, 5mins ahead if Sabina Bachinelli who is still on overall lead.
Great race today by Jodi Kearney, finishing 12th overall and 4th woman.