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28.05.2019 17:34 Age: 202 days
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Breaking News - Race Report Stage 3 - Bhutan

The 29km course leads the runners to the scenic Thimphu Valley before a steep climb to the second checkpoint. Here the runners enjoyed a fantastic view down to the Royal Palace and the Government building. After a final ascend of 6km runners arrived at the Phajoding Monastery at 3600m altitude where they were welcomed by 90 monks. The runners are staying at the monks‘ chambers.

All runners finished the stage, seeing another close fight for the lead. Xavi Marina won the stage in 3:05hrs ahead of Joel Anderson in 3:08hrs. Third today was Frank Johansen from Denmark who set an incredible pace from beginning on. The top 3 runnets were all faster than the previous course record. Xavi obertook the overall lead by 2:01min ahead of Joel Anderson. Third is still Bryan Gensits but now just 2:47mins ahead of Frank Johansen.

Again Chimi Dema from Bhutan won the female category ahead of Kelly Ridgway-Smith and Belinda van der Riet. This is also the general ranking.

At the Phajoding Monastery, GlobalLimits runners played the annual football match with the monks. Almost every runner played at least a few minutes. The match draw 4:4. Special thank you to Daniel Rearte from Argentina, who was our team‘s coach and presented a jersey from Lionel Messi to Lama Namgay.

Tomorrow at the 4th stage if 38km the runners will head down to Paro valley.