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Pre-race report 8th Cambodia - The Ancient Khmer Path -

We are back!  GlobalLimits is proud to welcome runners from 19 countries to the 8th edition of GlobalLimits Cambodia – The Ancient Khmer Path – this is also the 20th events GlobalLimits organized!  Thank you for all your supports!

The race will take place between 29 November 2019 and 7 December 2019.  Again, the finish line in front of the Angkor Wat Temple will be ready for them – after they run across the beautiful Cambodian country side, swim in waterfall, and camp in the courtyard of elegant ancient Khmer temples. 

It is our pleasure to see three GlobalLimits veteran runners, Lynn Robinson (UK), Anand Ramtahal (USA), and Frank Johansen (Denmark), coming back and they will receive the Globallimits Heritage Site Runners Series Award upon the completion of this race.  That means they had also successfully completed our races in Albania and Bhutan.

Some podium winners from our previous races are also returning – we are expecting a very close and exciting competition this year among our male runners:  Tommy Chen (the most famous ultra-runner from Taiwan)(1st Bhutan 2018), Frank Johansen (Denmark, 1st Albania 2017, 3rd Bhutan 2019), Loz Wong (UK, 3rd Bhutan 2017), Peter Osterwalder (Switzerland, 2nd Bhutan 2016).  In addition, we are delighted to welcome Samuel Castela from Portugal, who normally is a Spartan race competitor, and has just finished 7th in the famously challenging Trifeca Spartan world championship!

Of course we do not forget our ladies – equally competitive, we have the wife of Samuel, Filipa, who is also a Spartan race national runner for Portugal.  Are the duo going to be the second pair of couple in our Cambodia that share the podium?  Also a poduim candidate are ultra-marathon specialist Ruth Viane from Belgium and 4-time podium winner Teresa Lam from Hongkong in her 10th GlobalLimits participation.

But again, we always end this report with “one would never knows!”, as we have always discovered new ultra-running treasures on our Ancient Khmer Path.  So follow-us for the race updates!

The runners will gather and meet in the capital of the Cambodia, Phnom Penh for pre-race check-in and welcome dinner on 29 November 2019.  See you there!

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