Sobre nosotros

Somos un equipo organizativo altamente professional que ha estado corriendo carreras extremas durante más de 20 años. Encabezamos una probada trayectoria en organización de diferentes acontecimientos.

Con la experiencia que hemos Ganado en varios acontecimientos alrededor del mundo, estamos orgullosos de poderte ofrecer una carrera bien organizada y dispuesta de la major manera possible.

Nuestro equipo multilingüe estará respaldado por voluntarios muy motivados y experimentados, así como un equipo de organización local expertos en organización de acontecimientos al aire libre en áreas remotas.

Nuestro altamente considerado equipo médico asistirá y te ayudará con todos los tratamientos médicos necesarios durante la semana de carrera.

Stefan Betzelt / Fundador y director general de GlobalLimits

Stefan nació y vive en wiesbaden/Alemania. Ha fundado GlobalLimits en 2012. Ha Ganado toda su experiencia participando en diversas ultra carreras como Marathon des Sables, Les Foulees de la Soie China, Himalayan 100Mile Stage Race, Racing the Planet Namibia and Desert Oman Raid. Ha participado en 20 maratones de ciudad y ha hecho cima en el Kilimanjaro y el monte Aconcagua.
Ha viajado por 85 países y aprendido mucho sobre diferentes culruras. Usa su experiencia para seleccionar emplazamientos y lugares únicos par alas carreras de GlobalLimits.
Stefan ha estado trabajando como Managing Director de instituciones financieras líderes mundiales antes de retirarse en 2004 para empezar con su propia empresa de consultoría financiera.

Ryan Paterson, Denver/USA - Medical Director

Dr. Ryan Paterson attended the University of Vermont School of Medicine and completed his Emergency Medicine Residency and Fellowship in Wilderness/Altitude/Expedition Medicine at Denver Health Medical Center/University of Colorado. He also holds advanced certifications in Tropical Medicine from the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H) and in Mountain Medicine (DiMM). He is a practicing Emergency Physician for Kaiser Permanente at St Joseph’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Paterson serves as co-course director for the Wilderness Medical Society and Universities of Colorado and Utah’s Diploma in Mountain Medicine Course (DiMM). He is the current United States delegate to the International Society of Mountain Medicine (ISMM). Currently, Dr. Paterson is working, in partnership with CU South Denver to develop a Wilderness Medicine for Kids program utilizing an original curriculum. He also serves as medical director for No Barriers and another non-profit (Kolkata City Mission) working to establish sustainable development solutions in education, health, women’s empowerment, micro-enterprise and public-health for informal communities in and around Kolkata, India.

Ryan already was our medical director in Cambodia 2016, Bhutan 2017 + 2018 and Albania 2018.

Mario Machado, Lisbon/Portugal - Course Director

Mario, a physical Education teacher and international athletic coach, is the technical director of the Lisbon Half Marathon (30.000+ runners), the Portugal Half Marathon, the Lisbon Marathon and the organizer, technical director and controller of the race of various other high profile road races in Portugal and international trail races.

Since 2009 he is also the "Controller of the race" of the Marathon des Sables in Morrocco.

Mario is the publisher and director of "Spiridon-Portugal" running magazin since 1978.

He is also a very experienced runner himself. He just finished his 100th Marathon/Ultra at GlobalLimits Cambodia 2017.

Mario already served as a volunteer for the inaugural race in Albania in 2017 and in Cambodia 2018 as well as being the course director in Albania 2018.

Rodrigo Acinas, Spain - Course Marker

Rodrigo was born in Burgos, Spain and is working as a financial controller for companies. 

He is passionate about trail running and road cycling.  Mountains and nature are his favorite playgrounds.

Despite not enjoying competitions as much as he do when training without a goal, he still enroll in demanding mountain races.  The competitive streak needs to be fed!

He always loved the air one breathes in GlobalLimits’ races - He had volunteered in Sri Lanka 2016, Bhutan 2017 and Albania 2019 – apart from the physical challenge you meet up with old and new friends. 

"I will try to make everyone feel at east during the race and I will be pleased with my contributions as long as I am helpful to you – to achieve your goal, whatever it is." 

Harri Washington, Great Britain - Volunteer

Harri is originally from the UK and has lived and worked in Madagascar, Gabon, and Cambodia.

Working in wildlife conservation means that she has had the privilege to see some beautiful parts of the world, which she explores through another passion, running. She has been living in Cambodia for ten months now, where she enjoys running cross-country out in the remote province of Mondulkiri, as well as joining group runs in Phnom Penh and the surrounding area. She enters organised races in every place she lives.Harri just finished 3rd female in her first multi-day stage race at GlobalLimits Albania 2018.

She is looking forward to being inspired to take her running to the next level by experiencing firsthand the challenges and rewards of a GlobalLimits race.

Harri already served as a volunteer at GlobalLimits Cambodia 2016 + 2017, Bhutan 2017 and the inaugural race in Albania.

Neus Collado, Blanes/Spain - Volunteer

Neus is Spanish. She has traveled to more than 70 countries, and has participated as a volunteer in several ultra trails and stage races around the world, as she accompanies her husband runner in all the adventures that are proposed.
She has been in the Amazon of Brazil, in the Peruvian jungle, in the Himalayan mountain range, in the Arctic, among many others. He also organized the Costa Brava Xtrem Running for 5 years, a stage race involving up to 400 runners every year from more than 45 diferent nationalities.

Chemistry by profession, passionate about paddle surf and an amateur athlete, always ready to help and enjoy the adventure of ultra trails. After her experience as a volunteer in this type of racing, she admires the spirit of overcoming of the runners.

Neus already served as a volunteer at GlobalLimits Cambodia 2017, Albania 2018 and Bhutan 2019.

Marco Cych, Bad Kreuznach/Germany - Volunteer   

Marco was born and lives in Bad Kreuznach/Germany.
After having been a gymnast in his youth he discovered running.
He participated in more than 60 marathon and ultra distance races so far.
Working for an IT company running means the needed work-life-balance for him.
Travelling is his second major passion and he visited countries on six continents.
He is always ready to face a new challenge. This is exactly what he is doing by volunteering at GlobalLimits races.

Marco already served as a volunteer in Bhutan 2014.

Tiziano Pisoni/Mucumbli Explore, São Tomé - Logistics & Infrastructure