Breaking News - Race Report Stage 4 - Bhutan

After bidding farewell to the monks of the Pajoding Monastery, GlobalLimits' runners started another challenging race day of 38km. They ran to the highest point in the race at 3712m and ran downhill to 2600m. They started running...[mehr]

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Breaking News - Race Report Stage 3 - Bhutan

The 29km course leads the runners to the scenic Thimphu Valley before a steep climb to the second checkpoint. Here the runners enjoyed a fantastic view down to the Royal Palace and the Government building. After a final ascend of...[mehr]

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Breaking News - Race Report Stage 2 - Bhutan

Stage 2 started in light rain after receiving the blessing from the Lama of the Chorten Nyingpo Monastery. The runners started at an altitude of 1756m, ran through a 19km scenic ascend to the Sinchula Pass to 3,400m, and headed...[mehr]

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Breaking News - Race Report Stage 1 - Bhutan

At an emotional start ceremony 350 school children from the Punakha Secondary High School sang the National Anthem of the hosting country of Bhutan and sent our runners off at the start of the 7th GlobalLimits Bhutan – The Last...[mehr]

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Breaking News - Bhutan 2019

Before familiarizing with the landscape of Bhutan, our runners familiarize themselves with Bhutanese culture today visiting the beautiful Punakha Dzong. Our runners are staying by the Mo Chu river of the Punakha Valley. The...[mehr]

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Breaking News - Bhutan 2019

All participants of the 7th edition of GlobalLimits Bhutan - The Last Secret - have now arrived in Thimphu and already passed the race check-in, medical- and equipment check. They are now enjoying the opening dinner in the...[mehr]

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Pre-race Report Bhutan - The Last Secret -

The Last Secret is again back. In this edition, we have runners from 19 countries - we especially thank you those (35%) who return to our races again, which enable us to establish a solid foundation in providing well-organised,...[mehr]

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